Reiki for Veterans? Military and VA Testing, Already Using Ancient Touch Therapy

The Department of Veterans Affairs uses it in their Hepatitis C treatment program. Fort Bliss’ Warrior Resilience program — the same one Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey believes should be replicated throughout the military — uses it as one tool to help soldiers strengthen and recover following combat.

Military OneSource’s Health Library says it can increase wellness and “treat diseases of all types.”

And it’s the reason given by New Zealand’s champ cyclist Hayden Roulston for bouncing back from a serious heart condition to claim both Olympic silver and bronze medals this past week in Beijing.

What is it? Reiki [pronounced “Ray-Key”] energy healing.

While I’ve heard of it in the past (in fact, I have a sister who is a Reiki Master and had used the touch therapy in her past massage therapy practice), it seems to be bubbling up to the mainstream surface more and more these days. That the military and VA are incorporating it, is another positive sign that mountains can be moved even in mammoth bureaucracies — as long as you believe it can be so (and add a little action into the mix to help it along).

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