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Reiki for Vets is an organization founded by William Brown, MSPM, United States Coast Guard Chief (ret.) and Allison Brown, EdD, a school counselor and Army veteran. Both Will and Allison are Reiki Master/Teachers with a passion for helping VA enrolled disabled veterans improve the quality of their lives by offering holistic, non-invasive, complementary treatment options. Together, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, they provide Reiki services at the following locations: Goose Creek, SC VA Clinic, Ralph Johnson VA Hospital in Charleston, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC VA Clinic, Hinesville, GA VA Clinic, Savannah, GA VA Clinic, & Saco, ME VA Clinic.

Our story (as told by Allison)

Will and I have been married for almost 30 years. Will claims that when we first met – way back in 1988 – he instinctively knew that we were supposed to be together. That I was the one. (It took me quite a bit longer to come to that conclusion, however). Knowing what I know now about my husband, I have no doubt that we were, in fact, destined to be together and that he was following his internal guidance system – his intuition.

Periodically over the years, Will would also tell me that he saw us working together. Now, as much as I wanted to trust him, I truly could not envision a world in which that would happen. You see, Will is a perfectionist. And I’m…well, most definitely NOT a perfectionist. In my mind, there was no way we could work together – we’d kill each other! Or at the very least, get a divorce.

Somewhere in the late 1990’s, I sensed that I was supposed to start a hand’s-on healing team at our church in Texas. It was an overwhelming urge that I couldn’t ignore. Looking back, I now recognize that inner knowing as claircognizance – knowing information without understanding how or why you know. When I approached my pastor, he told me that he knew that someone would be coming to him about this – confirmation that my intuition was accurate. That was the beginning of my journey as a healer.

We moved to SC in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I started to investigate Reiki. I wanted to see how this healing energy aligned with what I already knew and had experienced. I quickly realized that the energy I was using emanated from the same Source, and Reiki gave me a protocol in which to work. I became a Level 1 practitioner and naturally, Will was my guinea pig. As I practiced on him, not only did he notice significant improvement in his physical and mental health (most notably, a reduction in back pain and decreased anxiety), his own intuition began to reawaken. He understood that he was being called to become Reiki trained, as well.

Will and I are both veterans – I spent 2 years as an Army MP, and Will retired from the Coast Guard after 26 years. As veterans, we have always wanted to give back to our fellow vets. Once we both became Level 2 certified, we understood – intuitively – that THIS was how we were supposed to work together – providing Reiki to veterans. We had been preparing for this moment for 26 years! Will was right all along…

During the late spring of 2016, Will and I crafted a long, detailed email to the head of volunteer services at the Charleston VA. We talked about our background, our vision, and our proposal. We included explanations and research. We held our breath and hit send. We steeled ourselves for rejection. After all, this was a government organization – how amenable would they be to holistic health options? Imagine our surprise when, less than 24 hours later, we received a reply… “Yes! Call me.” Turns out the Charleston VA has a nice sized holistic toolbox, and they had been looking to include Reiki!

Well, the rest is history! After a brief stint on the in-patient psychiatric ward of the Ralph H Johnson VA Hospital, we started with a weekly Reiki clinic at the Goose Creek VA and a monthly clinic at RHJ. Over the past two years, we have increased the number of clinics in Goose Creek and started service in the long-term care unit at RHJ. And the expansion hasn’t been limited to Charleston! We now provide service in Myrtle Beach, SC, Savannah and Hinesville, GA, and Saco, ME. Over the next few months, we plan to expand into Maryland and Washington, DC.

We are blown away by the support we have received from not only our veterans but also our volunteers and the VA personnel we work with. Will and I are both humbled and honored to work together in this endeavor, to help bring Reiki – a gentle but powerful treatment option – to veterans across the nation. And, we are even more excited to hear about the many men and women whose lives are changing through our work – physical pain diminished or eliminated, anxiety-provoking thoughts reduced, peacefulness restored, relaxation increased….the list goes on.

If you know of a veteran or spouse who would benefit from this valuable service, please direct them to this website or share our email, reiki4vets@gmail.com. If you are a Reiki practitioner interested in starting an RFV clinic in your area or volunteering at an existing location, kindly complete the contact form on the home page. If you would like to assist in some other way please consider sending us positive energy and prayers or providing a donation on the home page. Donations allow us to offer scholarships for Reiki Level 1 training to veterans who want the gift of self-healing.

In service,

William and Allison Brown

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